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Book a demo

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What we can show you in our demo

We'll talk to you about your requirements and then show you how difdash can help you to save time and money. We'll work out which features will benefit you demonstrate how you can improve your reporting.
In the demo you'll see the easy way you can add clients and make dashboards in minutes and also use our commentary to add text to reports and add further insight.
Also we can show you difdash optmise which is our anomaly detection and how you can use that to catch any issues before they start to be a problem
A demo is scheduled for 30 minutes.

See how great our reports look

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How are we so much better? Easy .....

Instant Connections

Connect your marketing platforms with one click, no third party connectors or hidden fees. Once set up, we import your data every morning, before you’ve had your first sip of coffee

No Coding

Our intuitive dashboard builder which requires no coding allows even the least technical team members to easily create or edit dashboards

Anomaly Detection

difdash Optimise monitors your data and alerts you to any anomalous activity

Exchange Rates

Use our up to date exchange rates for currency conversions or upload your own rate

White Label

difdash is available fully whitelabelled, including vanity to url. Stand out from the teams sending Excel files

Restricted Access

‘Reports only’ users don’t have access to live dashboards, only reports that you have published so you stay in control of who sees what and when

Scheduled Emails

Schedule dashboards to be emailed anywhere as a CSV, PDF, PPT or a shareable link

Segment Campaigns

Naming convention based campaign segmentation allows for granular data filtering. Once created, rules are applied to all new campaigns automatically

Easy Custom Data

Upload data via CSV and maintain via a unique email address so all you need to do is email future files for the dashboard to update


Rich commentary functionality turns your dashboard into a report. Dynamically displayed rich media content boxes available under every dashboard section and chart annotations mean your insights will always be front and centre when the report is viewed


We’ve got a range of handy templates to make setting up dashboards even quicker. Alternatively, build your own from scratch and use it as template for future dashboards

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