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All the important ones! Google Ads, Analytics, Amazon Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, LinkedIn, YouTube, MailChimp, Active Campaign and Moz and, with our amazing custom data upload – any other data you need!

A dashboard is a web-based report that updates every day showing all of your KPIs across all your marketing platforms in one place. Sometimes dashboards are ugly and difficult to use but not ours. Our dashboards look beautiful and work perfectly all the time. We’re confident you’ve never seen better.
You can show as many accounts and data sources as you want in a dashboards.

Do bears carry out their private business in wooded areas? Yes you can! You can even use metrics from multiple channels in the same chart!

Easily and no, you most definitely do not. We think connecting your data sources should be as easy as 1,2… actually, that’s it. One click for us to request access, one click for you to grant it and ta-da! Your data is now ready to be used in any dashboard.

You mean we missed one? Luckily, we’ve still got you covered. Use our powerful custom data source tool to upload an example CSV of the data from your platform. Once you’ve uploaded one, we’ll create you a dedicated email address, then all you need to do is email the file to that address and it’ll be imported into difdash. You can probably even get the platform to email it to us first thing in the morning, so you won’t even need to remember.

Good question! The simple answer is – commentary. Lots of our customers just use our dashboards to solve all of their reporting needs. However, sometimes the numbers, charts and maps just aren’t quite enough and you need to add your insight. That’s when you make a report. Add annotations to charts and write detailed analysis of the numbers beneath any section of your dashboard. Include links, screenshots – whatever you need to make sure whoever is looking at your report sees the full picture

Once the trial ends you will no longer be able to access any of the dashboards you created until you subscribe to a plan

No! We’re so confident that you’ll love difdash that we want to make it was easy as possible for you to get started

Absolutely not. You can pick your package and add payment details whenever you want. You’ll still get your first 14 days for free and the package will start immediately after

Cancel?! We hope you don’t want to do that but if you do, you can cancel at any time. You’ll still have access up until the last day of your current plan but we won’t charge you another penny

We will alert you when you reach your dashboard limit so you can either delete some existing dashboards or pick a new plan that is suited to your requirements

We’re so sure you’ll love difdash that if you’re not happy after 6 months you can email us and we’ll refund all 6 months payments.

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