Campaign Groupings

Campaign Groupings

Filter or group campaigns easily to report more effectively and gain insight

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what is a campaign grouping?

Campaign Groupings allow you to filter and segment your data based on keywords or phrases in the campaign names of your various accounts. The grouping is the overall category of individual segments - for example, you can make a grouping called 'Brand/Non Brand' and within it have a segment called 'Brand' and another segment called 'Non Brand'.

Once the grouping and segments are created, you can use them in the builder to :

Filter Data in Individual Elements

Filter data in specific charts eg. a chart showing performance of Brand campaigns

Segment Campaigns

View the split between segments in a chart eg. a pie chart showing clicks by Brand and Non Brand

Filter an entire dashboard

filters for the whole dashboard eg. filter all charts and tables on the page to only show performance for brand activity

Data from all your platforms in one place​

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