Difdash vs Data Studio

difdash vs Google Data Studio

If you’ve only heard of one dashboard platform before now it’s probably Google’s Data Studio. The offering is presented as free although to connect any non Google APIs you’ll need to pay a third party like Supermetrics.

If you have tried to use Data Studio there are a number of common issues that may have turned you away from dashboards and report automation. We’re confident you won’t experience these issues with difdash. Let’s explain…

We’re not Google

ok so maybe that’s obvious but it’s worth saying! We aren’t reselling or repurposing your data. We aren’t trying to convince brands to buy media from us and we aren’t spread thinly across a huge suite of underdeveloped products. Our focus will always be difdash and ensuring our customers have the best looking and most reliable dashboards for all their digital marketing data

Easy click connections for all data sources

whether you’re connecting Facebook Ads, Google Analytics or the Amazon DSP, all you need to do is click connect in difdash and then authorise our access with the platform and ta-da - the data is ready to be added to a dashboard

No date reformatting required

because we import data directly from APIs, we automatically standardise the data across platforms so you’ll never have issues with dates showing incorrectly on difdash

No need to manually refresh CSVs or Google Sheets

our Google Sheets connection checks and updates your data from the file every day. If you use our powerful CSV data connector, once you’ve imported one file and mapped the fields, we’ll give you a unique email address to forward future files to. If you can have those files sent direct from the platform, it will update every day like an API when the file is received

No coding necessary

make the most of difdash’s powerful data tools like multi platform campaign segmentation, blended custom metrics and precisely filtered charts without writing any code. difdash is designed for users of all technical levels

True white label

take advantage of our white label functionality to impress your clients and colleagues even more - we offer a vanity url, total removal of difdash branding and a selection of themes to match your branding. Everyone will be amazed at your cutting edge tech stack

difdash vs Google Data Studio

Easy to build, digital marketing
dashboards with no code necessary

No credit card needed

Data from all your platforms in one place​

How it works


Connect your data sources

It only takes a couple of clicks to connect all your key data sources to
difdash and start your journey towards the perfect dashboard


Create your dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard builder will guide you through the process to reach your perfect dashboard. A great selection of charts, maps and visualisations will ensure your dashboard looks great and offers real insight. Once you’ve mastered the perfect dashboard, use it for other clients to save time


Share with colleagues and clients

All our paid packages come with unlimited users because we want your whole team to have quick and easy access to your most important data. Create reports and presentations from your dashboards with commentary and chart annotations to make sure nothing is missed

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